Exclusive software and Audio Quality of Galaxy S9

Samsung is going to launch a wonderful smartphone in 2018, unique in every way and having an extreme power that it can beat its rivals, very spectacular than its predecessors: The Galaxy S9. Samsung faced a really dreadful phase when the tragedy of Note 7 happened, and after that company made deliberate efforts for making its smartphones like wow and just out of the world. This year, Samsung introduced us a brilliant smartphone Galaxy S8 which gained very much fame in the market and for the next year company is going to bring us another spectacular gadget, the Galaxy S9.

Let’s talk about the amazing meticulous features and functions in upcoming Galaxy S9 on the basis of Galaxy S8, its rivals, some reports and latest hearsay.

DeX, the Samsung Galaxy S8 turns into a Chrome book

It is one of the novelties of the Samsung Galaxy S8 + and It is key to say that what you see is a Samsung Galaxy S8 + connected to the screen without something else, only with DeX We have opened an Excel sheet, video and other options that you have to see the system how it works without a trap or cardboard. The same feature but in an advanced and modish way, the amazing DeX, we can enjoy in Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus as well; will perform better, faster and even more light-weighted for giving you a fully pleasing desktop experience plus will act as a charger.


It has been another of the innovations of the equipment, the incorporation of AKG headphones that will delight the most fans of music. Samsung incorporates in the operating system advanced audio options, where in addition to having all kinds of equalization possibilities we can even define proper modes of sound according to our will once the headphones are put. The hearsay is that we can enjoy a warming sensational music, an extravaganza, with the upcoming lovely Samsung Galaxy S9.

In the Galaxy S8, the batteries have a capacity and size similar to those of the Note 7 but are heated much fewer thanks to the processor of 10 nanometers, much smaller than the S7 and which debuts the S8 for the first time in a mobile. Because the chips are smaller, they dissipate heat better and consume up to 25% less energy. In the case of the S8, it is presented in two versions, according to the markets. Samsung has reserved for the most demanding countries (the United States, China, and Japan) the Snapdragon 835, the latest processor from Qualcomm, with which all manufacturers dream of equipping their high-end devices. In the rest of markets, including Europe, the S8 will be equipped with the own processor Exynos 8895. According to the Korean reports, Galaxy S9 will be embraced with a latest modish dynamic processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC: will be marketed industrially and Exynos 9810: most in Korea and few Asian countries; powered by 7nm chipset technology and will make you excited about its on fire features and hyperactive gaming.