Expert Tips to Crush Your Next E-mail Marketing Campaign

Every dollar invested in an email marketing strategy brings an average of $ 44.25 to your business. This statistic represents the strength of email marketing. Its use for your business can only be profitable. While a small percentage of your Facebook fans see your publications, or your ads in local newspapers, your e-mail, finds it directly in your customer’s inbox or prospect.

You are interested in setting up an email marketing strategy, but you do not know where to start? So here’s how to start a 5-step email marketing strategy.  As a digital marketing expert in Albuquerque SEO, one should not underestimate the importance of an e-mail.

Step 1 – Establish Your Plan

To start your e-mail marketing strategy well, it’s important to have a plan. This plan will allow you to track your goals. Your plan should contain 4 important points. First, define a description of your business. Next, describe the type of clients you want to join. Third, build a budget and ultimately develop the marketing strategies that will be needed.

Step 2 – Realize your newsletter

Once your databases are defined, it is now time to create a newsletter that will reach the type of clientele targeted and who will be able to communicate the message of the company. You can do this step yourself or hire a marketing agency. The agency will be able to help you better target your clientele and establish a message that will be effective. In addition, see how to create a newsletter that will be adapted to the mobile phone in order to increase your opening rate and click on your email. Also, opt for simplicity. Do not overload your email images, long paragraphs of text, but use more clear content that goes right to the point.

Step 3 – Generate Subscribers

It’s nice to have a very good newsletter, but if you do not have anyone to send it to, it makes it harder. Your website and social networks become your best friends. Integrate a registration form with your website, your blog, your social networks, will allow people who are interested in your services and your content to subscribe. Importantly, do not use the word “newsletter”. Instead, give your visitors the opportunity to sign up for content, promotions, contests, and more. This way, your visitors will be more inclined to sign up if they see the benefit of having an extra email in their inbox.

Step 4 – Create your marketing strategy

The important thing is not to send e-mails randomly, but to have a strategy. By knowing the type of customer targeted and who is signing up for your emails, you will be able to know at what stage of their purchasing process they are rendered. As each customer is not always ready to buy when visiting your website, you can accompany them to this process. You will be able to develop categories according to their stadium and send them emails that will be more personalized. This way, you will increase your success rate.

Step 5 – Observe your results

Take time to analyze your results after sending your email. Bring out what works and does not work. See if people clicked on the links you proposed. If necessary, rework your email to make it more efficient.

These are the basic steps for creating a basic strategy. To further develop your e-mail marketing strategy, we invite you to subscribe to our e-mail course below. You will receive directly in your mailbox for 5 days practical tips and tricks for successful marketing by email.

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