Medium Business Cost Savings

If you run or own a medium size business, please read on.

You could be costing your business money. Stamps cost more than franking machine charges, smart franking machine costs are less again.

Maximum cost savings come from using smart technology franking machines.

These franking machines offer the results of approximately £70 million of investment on Royal Mail services. In effect, you pay less for an up to the moment Royal Mail service called Mailmark. The reverse is also true, by using low technology, namely stamps, you cost your business more.

Smart technology franking machines are the future, hence Royal Mail’s investment.

  • Mailroom supplies experts including IMS Franking Machines in Aldermaston are bound by Royal Mail to ensure that all new franking machines are smart ones.
  • An added incentive for business users is the VAT reclaim potential on smart franking machines.
  • Hire or purchase your machine.
  • Please note: A second hand franking machine may be a false economy. It won’t be as efficient or cost effective as smart technology franking machines and it will become obsolete more quickly.
  • Franking machines are secure, only assigned users can process post.
  • The correct cost will be attributed every time.
  • You can tear and waste stamps. Try tearing a franking machine in two!
  • Online accounts allow for credit and consumables purchases 24/7.
  • The franking symbol with standard franking machines is a crown and die. With smart technology, this becomes a readable barcode that is scanned as it travels through the network. Using a dashboard, the sender can see where their mail items are and if there are any issues. This improves customer service.
  • Your mail always looks professional so it creates the best impression.
  • Advertise your business by adding logos, slogans and unique messages to the franking.
  • Your post will be treated as business post and franked mail has its own mailboxes.
  • Royal Mail services including special delivery, sign on delivery and packages are managed from the business premises so you don’t need to queue at a post office.
  • Maximise efficiency with additional mailroom supplies through smart franking machines firms. Letter openers and inserters, mailroom monitors and scales are available at competitive rates.

Smart machine franked mail procedures – Red and Green

It may look a little complicated on day one but soon it will make perfect sense and you’ll be saving the most money on postage.

  • Royal Mail red pouches are designated for 1st class franked mail.
  • Green pouches are designed for 2nd class franked mail.
  • International mail is placed in white pouches.
  • Different sized mail must be separated by pouch.
  • Limits apply of 200 small envelopes and 45 large envelopes in their respective pouches.  
  • Different weights are batched together with elastic bands within the pouches.
  • For packages, use mailbags with a red label for 1st class, a green label for 2nd class.
  • Items using Royal Mail services like special delivery, guaranteed mail and signature on delivery must be placed in a separate bag.

Contact an expert to see how much you can save with smart franking machines.