The Pros and Cons of Using A Sit Stand Desk

If you work in an office, you have probably heard all the rumors about the need to switch to a standing desk. There has been quite a bit of research over the past few years—even decades, actually—about why this might be better, but the current conclusions are still a little fuzzy. Sure, there are some health benefits to standing at a desk, but are there any associated risks, too?

Lets take a look, then, at some pros and cons.

The Benefits of A Standing Desk

First and foremost, the benefit of a Primecables sit stand desk is that you break up the monotony of the day. If you find no other excellence in employing a sit stand desk, you can be sure that you will no longer come to find that you have zoned out staring at your screen. Or, rather, you will take comfort in knowing that should you find that you have been zoned out, you can take a break from sitting and work while standing.  Sure, you can always take a break, but if you take too many breaks, that slows down productivity.

But having the opportunity to stand—and even move around a little—can add years to life.  No, really.  Even slight movement is good for you when compared to 8 hours of sitting.  In addition, the human body was not built to sit that long, so when you do this several days a week for many years, it puts you at elevated risk for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.

The Detriments of A Standing Desk

I guarantee that you will burn more calories from working at a standing desk over working at a traditional seated desk.  Just how many more? Well, about 20 percent more; which is really not that much, especially when you consider that it could tire you out more quickly.  As such, then, it can really depend on the type of job you are doing whether or not you should switch to a standing desk.  Or, this might be the perfect example of having a desk that can convert between sitting and standing.

Knowing when to sit and when to stand, actually, is important.  The standing desk can be good for changing up the day but make sure that you perform certain tasks while seated and certain tasks while standing. If you are only standing (or only sitting) all day, it can also decrease your productivity.