Ways You Can Help Grow Your Business Online

It seems like every online business has an action plan in place to help them grow and take advantage of any opportunity they come across. It can be hard to know exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level. Read on for seventeen ways to help grow your business today.

  1. Figure out your niche and use your strengths. While a lot of people will try to capitalize on every corner in the market, you’ll be better off if you focus and build on your strengths and grow your reputation.
  1. Learn to optimize your website. Having a website won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to play the SEO game.
  1. Figure out which keywords your competitors are using and then maximize them for yourself. You’ll need to move beyond these eventually, but this is a good jumping-off point for a new business.
  1. Create a good landing page that will turn visitors into loyal customers. Make sure that the information on the landing page is clear and compelling and also has a contact form as well as call to action to turn visitors into customers.
  1. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. A lot of visitors will be visiting your site on the go from tablets or phones, so if your website doesn’t format correctly on smaller screens you’ll be out potential customers.
  1. Create a blog and bring in more visitors. Blogging will set you apart as an authority in your niche and help your business speak for itself.
  1. Find out what sort of blog posts people are interested in reading and write about those topics. You can research this through Quora and through Facebook or
  1. Make sure your pages load quickly and your website is speedy. You’ll optimize your website according to SEO standards and users will have an easier time using your site.
  1. Don’t forget email campaigns as a way to reach out to visitors. Collect email address through sweepstakes or contact forms and then make sure that you stay in touch with your prospective customers.
  1. Use social media to your advantage by being active on Facbook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. This will allow customers to interact with you as well as share your posts with others.
  1. Learn how to make videos and you’ll see an uptick in traffic. Customers love viral videos that are happy, involving, and interesting.
  1. Use Google Analytics to determine where your traffic is coming from and make sure that you are sending people to your landing page.
  1. Use split testing to figure out which version of a website will do a better job bringing in new customers.
  1. Use links and link building as a way to increase your SEO and get ranked higher in searches.
  1. Win over an influential person and get them to stand behind your business and support it.
  1. Team up with another business that is related to yours and offer deals to your customers.
  1. Expand your market to offer new ideas and support to your customers.

Following these seventeen tips can easily help you grow your online business.

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