What Are the Must-Have Features of an IP Camera?

If we look at large institutions and workplaces, one of the common services that they offer is surveillance cameras. The main reason for this is security. When you have a lot of valuable assets that cannot be compromised, security becomes a major issue.

Out of all the different types of cameras available, the IP camera is known to be quite versatile when it comes to important features and characteristics. This kind of camera is also highly efficient when it comes handling concerns like Hikvision cybersecurity issues. Before you buy an IP camera, you must make sure that it includes all of the following features:

  1. 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction): It is a common observation that when the captured footage is shot in low light, it becomes grainy. This means that the footage has been captured with a lot of noise. This makes it difficult to recognise the faces of the people that the camera captures. The 3D DNR technology makes sure that the coverage does not get very grainy in low light and the footage that you get is very clear.
  2. Wide Dynamic Range: If the camera is placed at a particular doorway, then monitoring the entry and exit of people becomes a challenging task to do. If the background on one side is too bright, then the image on the other side is likely to get blurred and dark. This problem can be resolved if the camera is facilitated with the wide dynamic range. This technology helps the camera to take two separate images. The first image is through a short exposure of the object on the bright side and the second image is from the longer exposure of the object on the dark side.
  3. Multiple Remote Access- In the latest IP cameras, the features can be controlled by multiple remotes. With the help of this feature, the viewer can see a particular footage from any device with the help of a web browser or a smartphone. The owner can change the settings of the camera remotely without the need to physically be near the camera.
  4. Edge Analytics- You must have often seen that many thieves tamper with the security camera and make alterations so that they do not get caught. The edge analytics of the IP cameras make sure that no thief gains access to the camera without notifying the owner.

These are some of the must-have features of IP camera and they are certainly going to make sure that your security is not compromised in any way.